Hello! Welcome to my little webpage out here in the middle of nowhere...

How did you get here anyway? You must be pretty curious... If you're here reading this, I'm curious about you too, so drop me an email! It's just my name, (katie), at this domain (oswld.net). Let me know why you stopped by =)

Remember when you could just post an email address in plain language and not have to worry about a bot adding it to a spam list? Ugh...

Anyway, this is just a place for me to get email, fiddle with things, work on personal projects, host files, and so on... There's really not anything interesting here!


Origin Story

A couple friends (Joker, Duck) and I were playing Freelancer years ago. The idea to start a clan entered our minds, but we were having trouble coming up with a name. We wanted something that would represent the three of us... We landed on "OSWLD" or "Oh shit, we lost Duck!"

It's funny though, 'cause if we were going to lose anyone in a dog fight or just because they decided to take a warp gate to nowhere.... It was me. I think "OSWLD" just sounded better than "OSWLA" (Atma, being my handle at the time)

Anyway... OSWLD just stuck with me, and I've been using it as a domain and "Company" ever since.